The Journey Begins

October 11, 2008

360° Green Revolution

On October 11, 2008 Monte Vibiano launched the “360 Green Revolution”, thus starting a  year-long journey to lead the global, agro-business community into a new dawn of environmental protection by reducing its greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) to zero by 2009.

To do so credibly, Monte Vibiano has involved DNV, a world-class international ISO registrar, to serve as an auditor.
On October 11th DNV issued to Monte Vibiano Certificate #00001.

This document officially certified Monte Vibiano’s total current GHG emissions, setting the baseline from which the company began its drive to completely eliminate harmful greenhouse gas emissions from its operations.

Monte Vibiano has undergone a rigorous verification process, overseen by DNV.

Using ISO international standard 14064 guidelines, the process accurately measures and calculates Monte Vibiano’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Monte Vibiano has collected greenhouse gas emissions figures since 2003. On October 11 2008 DNV certified that the calculations used to arrive at a greenhouse gas emissions number meet international standards and that the greenhouse gas emissions claims made by Monte Vibiano are credible.

DNV will also maintain official records of the statistical data used in these calculations.