Our Plan

Greenhouse gas emissions

Monte Vibiano is using a range of new technologies, while also capitalizing on traditional means to reduce its carbon footprint. No method has been overlooked.

For example, the family patriarch Andrea Fasola Bologna, planted over 10,000 trees in the farm in an effort to boost overall GHG absorption.
Forest trees absorb carbon dioxide and convert it to oxygen, which is then released into the atmosphere. As a result of this process forests are considered GHG sinks and are a fundamental part of many efforts to achieve Kyoto Protocol goals.

In addition, over 200 hectares of the Monte Vibiano farm were designated as “protected” by the Fasola Bologna family, allowing natural growth to transform them from small, copse-type woods to full-scale forests, substantively increasing the quantity of GHG that can be absorbed by the trees.


With the help of Green Utility, a leading company in renewable energy sources, clean energy is generated by solar panels installed on the rooftops of existing structures on the farm. The photovoltaic system has been designed in order to reach full architectural integration.

The solar panels are replacing the existing roofing material and convert sunlight into electricity that will ultimately power the entire company.


Monte Vibiano is one of the first companies in Italy where first-generation biofuels are used.

Monte Vibiano is partnering with the Biomass Research Centre on a state-of-the-art research project to develop next generation biofuels.

More sustainable and less controversial, these new biofuels will not be derived from agro-food chain products, eliminating the competition between food and fuel for land and cultivation resources.

Once the new, sustainable biofuels are developed, Monte Vibiano will convert its entire fleet to use this environmentally and population-friendly fuel.

Green IT and Printing

In order to lower energy consumption at Monte Vibiano’s offices, we have reduced the number of servers from 4 to 2, shutting down those less efficient and more power-consuming.

To complete our consolidation process, we have chosen Microsoft’s Hypervisor for its great performance.

This virtualization process will bring down Monte Vibiano’s servers energy consumption from 1,95KwH to 1,2KwH, a 38% reduction.

We have also increased the number of multifunctional printers (also working as fax and photocopy machines), while reducing that of personal printers.

We are following Lexamark’s energy saving strategies: Lexmark Return Program for toner recycling; the recyclable packaging program and the shipping optimization program, to curb CO2 emissions related to transport.


Monte Vibiano has painted the surface of 4 silos of wheat with a special white paint, covering a total of about 280 square meters.

Scientific research conducted by prof. Franco Cotana, director of the Center for Biomass Research, showed that painting about 10 square meters with this special paint helps manage global warming caused by 1 ton of CO2 equivalent.