Paolo Cannoni

I was born 40 years go in Piegaro, a town a few miles away from the Montevibiano village and I started to work for the Monte Vibiano farm in 1984.

I pride myself for never having driven my car to work and like other colleagues of mine, I prefer walking among the fields and country roads to reach my workplace.
What a true privilege to be able to enjoy the green, getting inspired by it every day while helping the environment!

I know not many others can say as much about their work commute. During my 24 years tenure here, I have witnessed the efforts made to transform Monte Vibiano into a more environmentally friendly farm.

In 2003, for example, the Fasola family discontinued its pig and calf farming, as it was producing high CO2 emissions.

My job is to care for the vineyards and olive groves and I do so with the serious attention of someone who’s truly in love with nature.

This is why I look forward to Monte Vibiano’s 360° Green Revolution. I’m proud to be able to make a difference for our planet.