Dr. Franco Cotana

Dr. Franco Cotana

Monte Vibiano’s chief change partner, Prof. Franco Cotana, is an internationally recognized environment and energy expert.

The author of more than 150 scholarly publications, Prof. Cotana also holds numerous patents related to biomass development and renewable energy.

His scientific papers have explored such diverse topics as biomass and biofuel development, climatization and thermophysics, recycling, air quality, energy savings and heat transmission.

A full professor of industrial technical physics, Prof. Cotana currently leads Italy’s National Center for Biomass Research, located at the University of Perugia.

This new research hub, is a preeminent research facility focused on the use of biofuels and biomass as energy sources, and is committed to developing national and local initiatives to use biomass as an energy source.

Prof. Cotana also serves as the President of the University’s Energy Engineering PhD program, where he oversees cutting edge research, and reviews scholarly works in the energy field.

In 2007, the International Association of Energy Economists recognized Prof. Cotana’s groundbreaking work by awarding him the organization’s Outstanding Contribution for 2006/2007. Heralded for his commitment to sustainable development, Prof. Cotana was selected for his research on global warming, and also for technology he developed to reduce greenhouse gases.

A graduate of the engineering program at Rome’s La Sapienza University, Prof. Cotana was awarded his degree magna cum laude.