Toward a Greener Future

Growing our 360°Green Revolution

The October 11th launch of its 360°Green Revolution is another step in Monte Vibiano’s commitment to the environment.

To extend the reach of our initiative, Monte Vibiano is working to identify green vendors to supply the business’ daily needs.
Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every product and service used by Monte Vibiano is as environmentally-friendly as possible.

While we understand that some vendors are unable to meet this standard, we will select our providers using our green criteria as a priority.

Replicating our 360°
Green Revolution

To encourage replication of our 360°Green Revolution Monte Vibiano invites other businesses, large and small, to visit our headquarters.

A prearranged visit would include a tour of the Monte Vibiano facilities, an opportunity to consult with the company’s on-site green experts, and possible partnership and collaboration opportunities. We hope our experience will not only motivate other small businesses to step into the next-generation of green operations, we believe the opportunity to directly interact with us will help others achieve their environmental goals more efficiently and effectively.

Extending our 360°
Green Revolution

Monte Vibiano plans to convert all company transportation to electric vehicles.  Employees will use electric cars, provided by the company, to move around the farm.

In addition, an Employee Purchase Initiative is being developed to assist the Monte Vibiano extended family to buy these environmentally-friendly vehicles.

Finally, the Company is exploring collaboration opportunities with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and other businesses to continue to extend the revolution.