Gino Sambuco

Monte Vibiano farmer

I have been working for the Monte Vibiano farm for 44 years but I never tire of my job. With the Fasola family, I share the same passion for this place.

Andrea Fasola Bologna – the father of Monte Vibiano’s CEO Lorenzo – has always made a priority to give work to us locals and employ people from the villages surrounding Monte Vibiano. I know we are close to his heart.  
I am 65 year old, but you would never know it. My mind is always focused on the future; I’m hoping it will be a cleaner and safer one for the environment and for our families.  

I am excited to play a role in Monte Vibiano’s 360° Green Revolution and to take on the challenge to help save the beauty of my land.
I know my little, individual role will have a big impact on many other people.